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Campus History & Origin

he U. S. Military Academy at West Point is a four-year co-educational federal undergraduate liberal arts college located 50 miles north of New York City. It was founded in 1802 as America's first college of engineering and is world-renown for leader development. Its mission remains constant—to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the nation as an officer in the U. S. Army.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Percent of Applicants Admitted: 9%

GPA, SAT and ACT graph for West Point

Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile

SAT Critical Reading: 580 / 695

SAT Math: 600 / 690

SAT Writing: 550 / 665

What these SAT numbers mean

ACT Composite: 27 / 30

ACT English: 27 / 31

ACT Math: 26 / 31

ACT Writing: 8 / 9

Tuition & Cost

Expenditure Price

New York Resident Total Cost $0

In-State Tuition$0

Other Fees$0

Room and Board$0

Books and Supplies$0

Non-Resident Total Cost $0

Out-of-State Tuition$0

Other Fees$0

Room and Board$0

Books and Supplies$0


Goat-Engineer Game

At the Army Navy Spirit Activities At West Point one of the games is called the "Goat-Engineer Game" which is pretty much when Men and Women play flag football against each other.

Degree Plan: Kinesiology

Working as a physical therapist I would get paid about $80,000.

Cover letter for Physical Therapist Position

Mr. Timothy
Border Therapy Services
Main Street
Smithfield, CA 08055

Dear Mr. Timothy,

I am interested in applying for a position at your therapy service, on the moderate assistant level, in your work place. As a 2022 graduate of West Point College, I have practice on many student athletes at my previous college.

At the present time I am helping out with student athletes in school districts . This position enables me to work with athletic children of many different ages giving me an advantage because I've been working with them for awhile.

In my junior year at West Point College, a passion for and knowledge of sports medicine has always put me a step ahead when i had to help an athlete on the field. This position allowed me to witness many injuries putting me in many difficult situations that i needed to think out alone.

It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent physical therapist who will make a positive contribution to your work atmosphere. I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.



Thalia Watters
87 Washington Street
Smithfield, CA 08055
719-310-5555 (h)

253-945-6123 (c)

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

I am aware that Thalia Watters is planning to attend the University of North Carolina to major biology to become a physical therapist. Ms. Watters has been know to brighten the room as soon as she walks in. Her great positivity and amazing integrity is what makes her present an honor to be in. Thalia is amazing with people and is a great communicator, but most of all a great friend.

Ms. Watters has not only made an impact in the classroom but also is an amazing athlete. Thalia is taking all Pre/AP classes, is a member of the National Honor Society, participates in varsity basketball as well as track and field. She continues to maintain 3.7 GPA while juggling sports and homework. Without a doubt Thalia is the ideal student/athlete you would like to have at your university. Thalia would not only impress her professors but also the coaches of the sports she participates in.

Thalia is always up for a challenge whether it be a new school project or a different play, she can grasp and perform to the best of her ability. Ms. Watters would make for an excellent addition to your campus. if you would like to know more about Ms. Watters feel free to contact me via email, smorr83@hotmail.com , or call me at (915) 888-5252.

Best Regards,

Samantha Morris

Math Department Chair

AP Geometry

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

El Paso, Texas 79938


Thalia Watters

4012 Tierra Patino

El Paso, Texas, 79938



Work Experience

Border Therapy Services El Paso, TX

assistant December 2015 - Present

  • Keep records or prepare reports for owner or management concerning visits with clients.


El Dorado high school El Paso, TX

  • student athlete

Persuasive Essay

Ever since I was a little girl I loved playing outside and playing rough with my dad. When I was first put in soccer I loved it. I later on was put in everything, such as soccer, softball, basketball. Seventh grade is when I first started playing competitive basketball and when I first started running track. My aggressiveness and competitiveness instantly went off the charts, later finding my passion for both basketball and track!

My desire to become an Olympic runner or WNBA player grew. I had my first major injury when I got into eighth grade developing some tendonitis in both of my knees. After waiting about a year I went to go see the doctor, the diagnose me with this making me scared of what might happen to my dreams of becoming a famous athlete. I later was told by the doctors that I needed to go to physical therapy because the tendonitis was getting worse. Going to physical therapy made me pain free having me go to my sports back to normal. When i was told I didn't have to come to physical therapy I was so happy cause I knew I was gonna be back to normal. My injury compared to tears are nothing and my reaction to being done was great I can only imagine people who have greater injuries.

As an athlete I know how much it sucks to be away from what you love. My friend Juan Francisco Briones III (Frankie) tore his ACL in a football game his junior year. Frankie being an amazing football player and track runner knowing that it would be about a year till he would be back to what he loved devastated him and you could tell instantly. Hesitant to his return comeback stronger then ever, and ready to compete. Him being my best friend I guess you could say his return was surprising because he was still fast had all his "jukes". His come back didn't look like anything had happened to him he was the same old Frankie.

My dream is to be able to help injured athletes because I know the feeling to be out and how great it feels to be back doing what your great at. Hopefully my career will take off and I will be able to help Olympians and many more famous athletes!

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