The Dressmaker
By: Shaina Vitale

Character Analysis

The main character Tess changes multiple times throughout the book. She gradually changes as she grows older. At first, Tess starts off living as a maid. Her father tells her she will never get a job, and will work as a servant forever. However, Tess got a job as a seamstress for the magnificent Lady Duff Gordon. Tess changed by getting her dream job. She mostly changed by earning courage. She always believed her father, but her dreams paid off when she moved to New York and got a good job. The author includes Tess finally working hard to fulfill her dreams. Another example of change is this incident. "Of course, these people don't change. "Did you think it would be different?" Tess drew a deep breath. "Yes," she said simply"(Alcott 114). At first, Tess thought wealthy people actually had respect for other hard workers. Pinky Wade said this to Tess, and Tess's figured out the truth, showing her change in end. Undoubtedly, Tess changed multiple times throughout the novel.

Setting Analysis

The setting of this novel is very important to this story. The author is clear by how she choose the setting to affect the characters. The story is revolved around the Titanic sinking. Tess who works for Lady Duff Gordon, is traumatized. After the sinking, she gets a feel for how the rich are treated better than the poor passengers. Lady Gordon was accused of many horrific things during her interview on the Titanic. These two were already having nightmares for almost dying, and now the press has made them even more upset. The author made sure to show how the characters were negatively affected from the horrific sinking of the Titanic, which was "unsinkable." Cosmo, Lady Gordon's husband, commented on this topic. "That's quite enough on this tragic event. My wife remains distraught, as do I. We hoped you were joining us tonight to share our celebration of life, not to attack" (Alcott 113). Many characters were distraught over the powerful impact of the author's setting choice. Obviously, the setting of the Titanic strongly affected the characters in the novel.

Thematic Analysis

The author is trying to show the theme "the work is worth it" throughout the novel. All of Tess's hard work pays off. She worked hard as a servant, maid, seamstress, and finally got a steady job working for Lucille. She also married the loved of her dreams, after trying to see him many times. After deciding between loving Jack or Jim, Tess chose Jim. Her hard decision paid off. Her deciding to take the ship to America led to Tess's happy life. "May I help you down?" Jim said. "Yes," she said (Alcott 365). Jim was the one who was now taking care of Tess's life. Unquestionably, Tess's hard work was the theme of The Dressmaker.