Nepal Earthquake

Thousands of children affected by last month's earthquake in Nepal. Five weeks after the disaster killed more than 8,600 people and destroyed many homes.

"A little before noon Saturday in Nepal, a chunk of rock about 9 miles below the earth’s surface shifted, unleashing a shock wave—described as being as powerful as the explosion of more than 20 thermonuclear weapons-that ripped through the Katmandu Valley."

Nepal was hit in another major earthquake. There were more than 8,000 people killed.

"The Nepal earthquake caused an ice cliff to shear off, creating an avalanche that sent many tons of ice crashing more than 2,000 vertical feet down the face and toward Base Camp."

How Earthquakes are formed

Earthquakes are normally caused when rocks underground break along the fault.

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Great! Add some more about how earthquakes are formed please.

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Looking good Jenny. You can add an article of a simulation to show how earthquakes form.