How i portray myself

My friends and family see me differently. When I'm with my friends I'm always happy and nice, energetic, loud and fun, also I am very open and love talking about everything. When I'm with my family I'm a bit quieter and more closed about my life and I'm more lazy and less energetic.

My alter ego

If I was a different person I think I would be nicer and less loud. I would be more calm and not talk as much. I would be more athletic and artistic and less lazy.

My digital footprint

I have many accounts for different things like twitter, instagram, ifunny, facebook and others, I think what do on these websites is good and my reputation on them is good and people like me, also I post funny things and interesting things.

How i want people to see me

I think I would like to be seen as a creative book loving girl. I don't think people see me as who I am because sometimes I might come off as a different person then I am.

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