Humanitarian Speeches
Mrs. Turner's
Fourth Grade PEAK

Children Rights:

Energy of Hope - Christina G. from Alexander Doniphan

Big Brothers Big Sisters - Food, Water, Clothes, Galore, Big Brother, Big Sisters Brings You More - Kaitlin D from Liberty Oaks

Energy of Hope - Aubrey P. from Shoal Creek

Save the Children - Natalie K. from Liberty Oaks

Energy of Hope - Ella S from Shoal Creek

Operation Breakthrough- Ellie from Shoal Creek

Energy of Hope - Grace G from Alexander Doniphan

Animal Rights:

Humane Society Conrad Hilton Award - Scarlett C from Manor Hill

Jane Goodall - Grace F. from Alexander Doniphan

Dian Fossey - Emma Kate F. from Alexander Doniphan

Jane Goodall- Maggie H. from Alexander Doniphan

Humane Society - Chloe M. from Alexander Doniphan

Human Rights:

Doctors Without Borders- Carolina S. from Liberty Oaks

Florence Nightingale - Emmeline W. from Liberty Oaks

Red Cross - Madeline S. from Shoal Creek

Mother Teresa - Anthony W. from Manor Hill

Red Cross- Noah D. from Alexander Doniphan

Heifer International- Dylan J. from Manor Hill

Red Cross - Sophia from Alexander Doniphan

Ryan's Well- Olivia D. from Shoal Creek

Bill Gates - Dylan P. from Shoal Creek

Princess Diana - Garrett L from Alexander Doniphan

Habitat for Humanity - Ethan S. from Shoal Creek

Ryan's Well - Luke from Manor Hill

Bill Gates - James C. from Alexander Doniphan

Florence Nightingale - Landon B from Alexander Doniphan

Civil Rights:

Jackie Robinson - Batting For a Better World - Alex B. from Liberty Oaks

Rosa Parks - Morgan C. from Alexander Doniphan

Jackie Robinson - Jack C. from Shoal Creek

Nelson Mandela - Emma B from Shoal Creek

Jackie Robinson - Drew from Shoal Creek

Environmental Rights:

GreenPeace - Lauryn W. from Shoal Creek

Theodore Roosevelt- Caiti H. from Shoal Creek

GreenPeace -  Emma Bo. from Shoal Creek