Lord Capulet`s Journal

Act II, Lord Capulet, Martin Na, Period 3

I can`t wait until the day when Juliet and Paris will marry. It will be the happiest occasion that have happened and ever will in the family of the Capulets. BUT. I feel something weird. I feel like Juliet is not only wanting to marry Paris, but has another man in her mind. I heard her talking outside to someone.. I am not sure and it is still just one of my inaccurate assumptions. If it is true, I hope at least it isn`t one of the Montagues since they have been hostile with us for a long period of time. Everyone knows we hate each other.

I heard from someone that Tybalt sent a mail to Romeo that might cause a fight between the two. I have no worry for Tybalt getting hurt since he has skills by the book. But I am a little concerned of the casualty that might happen in the fight. I`m sure the Prince won`t stand this kind of fools anymore. I know how much Tybalt hate the Montagues but he`d better stop being so hot tempered. He will later be punished for his belligerent and hot tempered personality.

Juliet seems a little weird these days. She seems happy sometimes but become all worried and sad in all of a sudden. I wonder what is up to her.

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2 years ago

Oh! Mr. Capulet you are a such a "good" father. I haven't see father like you caring your daughter a lot. Also I saw the letter too, and can you tell to Tybalt to not duel with Romeo because Romeo is just a weak child