Luke Kakogeorgiou - Running a Successful Family Practice

If you've finally reached a point in your medical career where you can put together pieces that can launch a successful family practice then you should understand a few key points about partnering. If the practice is to be successful, in the long run, Physicians should have equity participation. Physicians should also have a very strong commitment to the patient and the communities while providing top-notch care to be affordable and fiscally responsible. If your practice is to be a success, a strong partnership requires careful planning, lengthy discussions, and often-difficult decisions. Preparation can take over a year while working on administrative issues as well as determining the structure of the organization's hierarchy. More importantly, the organization needs to decipher its mission statement and values while developing a unique strategy to go to market. This strategy should also entail human resources, financing, and financial agendas.

Luke Kakogeorgiou was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and received his medical degree from Michigan University. He is one of the most successful general family practice doctors in the Detroit area over the last 15 years. He is a dedicated triathlete and runner enthusiast. He is extremely loyal to all of his local professional sports such as the Lions, Tigers, Pistons and his alma mater, the Wolverines. In his spare time he watches documentaries, enjoys local attractions and architecture and listens to Motown Music. When he's not curing the sick and prescribing medications, Luke loves to drive his classically restored Ford F-150 cross country to exciting outdoor locations where he can camp with family and friends.

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