Directioners go to One Direction schools and learn about the history of the one direction guy. What they like, how did the band form what year, time ,  and date. we learn when they born abou there family and about whats goin on with them.


Directioners eat the favorite one direction food,they are five guys , so we eat different foods. we eat tacos they are Harry Styles favorite food, we like to go to Nando's because is Niall Horan favorite restaurant and we order the  pizza, chicken is Zayn Malik favorite food and carrots thats for louis tomlinson, and chocolate Liam Payne favorite.


We speak any languange, but we use more the english because is what we talk , british because of the one direction guys and spanish because the guys are trying to learn and because they are alot of directioners that speak spanish.


We live in a big building. But the only ones that live there are the directioners. we have all of one direction. people that dont like them. they live in a small houses away from the big building so that people don't fight with directioners about the guys. but they can still hang out with each other.  

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