March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

In the beginning of this book, Gym Candy, there is a distinct flashback between Mick and his father. I think it is an important way to show how Mick's dad has always been since he was young. The flashback showed him and his dad in the backyard playing with a purple and gold mini football. Mick tried to get in the end zone but his dad has to tackle him and stop him. His dad never let up on him and always pushed him hard. I think he wants his son to succeed like he did back in his day. Mick tried and tried again but could never get past his dad. But one day he zigged when his dad thought he would zag, and got past him for the touchdown. This interests me because his dad really wants to force him to play football and to be the best. I am not completely sure if he really loves the game or if his dad made him love the game.

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