It is raining hard. Joe, Emma, Charles, Winnie and the baby are walking on the side of the road with their heads faced down. Charles questions Joe by asking why they are even running away. Charles is stating all the possible ways they could get caught for being runaways. Emma and Winnie keep quiet. As Joe, Emma, Charles, Winnie and the baby walk, they see a figure that scares them. In result, they all attempt to hide in the woods. Joe was the first to notice what the figure was. Joe came out of hiding yelling, “Mr. Henry!” The figure that Joe discerned was indeed Mr. Henry. Mr. Henry recognizes that his name is being called by Joe. Mr. Henry tells all of them to get in his wagon. They all did as they were told. Mr. Henry drives his wagon fast. All of the slaves are unable to keep their balance. It is silent in the wagon. Winnie notices that something is wrong with the baby. Emma puts her ear to the baby’s chest as Winnie begins to cry. Charles’ and Winnie’s baby is dead.

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