How to use Snapbook

Directions for Snapbook users:

How to create a bio: To create a bio, first you would click on the "Snapbook" located on the top right of your screen. It will have a drop down that says, "Post a picture", "Edit Bio" and "Account Info". You would click "Edit Bio" and it the text box that you originally wrote in will again appear and you will be able to change things and, edit it, putting whatever you want in it.

How to post a picture: First off, you would click the "Snapbook" that is in the right side of your screen. It will say "Post a picture", "Edit Bio", and "Account Info". You would click on "Post a picture" and it would bring you to a screen that says, "Take a picture", or "Camera Roll". Pick a option that you will use and then click post once you have your picture, and it will be posted on your board.

How to message someone: You would click the "Messages" on the bottom left corner. A screen will pop up with a list of your friends. You will be able to click on the friend you want to chat with, even if they aren't online, the message will still be in their message tab.

How to go to the homepage: There is a "Home" button in the middle left corner on the bottom of your screen. Once you click on it, it will bring you out to friend's boards. This will allow you to just click onto their board, to see new changes, and updates that their friends have.

How to go to your profile: To go to your profile, you click on the "Profile" button. It will bring you to the profile page, and you will be able to change whatever you want on your profile.

How to find your friends: To find your friends you would click on the "friends" tab. It will bring up a list of all the people you are following. Here you can, click on someone you want to look at, or video- chat them! There will be a camera on the side of their name and if there is a green check- mark you can video- chat them, but if there is a red check- mark, sorry!  Better call next time!

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