Tools of the Trade

                   Kyle Williamson


-Facebook for educational purposes(students and teachers.).

-To communicate with teachers and students.

-To get help with school work.


-Website where you put in your phone number and information to get notification from the teacher.


-know your class code so you can put it in.

-and type your info in so you can get reminders from your teacher.


-It is a website that you can advertise/publish on to the internet it is a website that you have made.

-you go to

-sign up for an account.

-log in.

-and press  create then create your website.

IB  design cycle





To look for all of your information so you can perform the project.

plan what you are going to create the piece in to.

create the piece that you investigated and planned.

look over all your work to see what you did right or wrong.

Comment Stream

3 years ago

Kyle -- Please compare what was expected for the design cycle section and what you have completed. Also I think you have some of the design cycle elements incorrect.