June sixth, 2013

Alyssa Swanson 4/15/14

I dove onto the pavement

to catch the hyper puppy

then tried to ignore my mauled knee

as she saturated my face with wet kisses.

A whirlwind of pent up excitement let loose

every Swanson sibling exhaled a breath of stale energy

as the car that contained our newest family member

rolled into the driveway and opened its doors

to release a pea sized beast who launched out of the backseat

on June sixth, 2013.

She catapulted out of the car and scrambled to us

as we called out her name.

With four voices and eight arms to choose from she quickly aimed her wet nose towards me

and charged.

I caught her and fell back onto the fresh grass

and laughed as I felt an overwhelming sense of loyalty

as I realized that June sixth, 2013 was the day

I met my best friend.

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