The Country of Venezuela in one page.


Hello!  My name is Drishya. I will tell you about the grand country of Venezuela.  This country is a fascinating place to visit and the scenes are extremely beautiful and attractive, and I doubt that you will hate Venezuela.

Venezuela is located in northern South America, and the Caribbean Sea borders it.  Its bordering countries are Brazil, Colombia, and Guyana.  The Atlantic Ocean only partly borders it, but not fully.

The Weather There

Since Venezuela is located near the equator, it doesn't get too cold there.  It is mostly hot and humid, and the winter's temperature only drops at least 5.7 degrees.  Although, if your altitude gets higher, it gets colder.  In conclusion, Venezuela's weather isn't very cold, and it is mostly hot, or warm.

The Landmarks and Awesome Sites

There are many sites and landmarks in Venezuela.  They are very attractive and amazing!!

One of the amazing landmarks is Angel Falls.  The waterfalls rise above the clouds and the view is amazing.  Angel Falls, in fact, is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world.  It has a height of 979 meters and a plunge of 807 meters.  This water fall is located in the Canaima National Park.  Angel Falls was discovered when a guy named Jimmy Angel crashed his plane in top of the Angel Falls.   Take a picture of that, and watch how many likes you will earn in Facebook.

Another point of interest in Mochima National Park.  The park has soothing beaches where you can relax.  This park has many, many mountains.  A beach named El Saco is perfect to go snorkeling.  I doubt that anyone who visits this park would hate it.

Famous Museums, Festivals, and Events

There are many fiestas and events going on in Venezuela, and you cannot miss them!  One is Aniversario del fundacion del Caracas, and it is celebrated in July 25.  This festival is celebrated for the foundation of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.  Another one is very common, which is Navidad, which is Christmas.  It is celebrated in December 25. 


Major Cities and Rivers

Famous cities located in Venezuela are Maracay, Maracaibo, Valencia,  and Barquisimeto.  Some rivers are Orinoco River and Casiquiare River.

Bye! ¬°Adios!

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