Lykan Hypersport

By: Linden Hayes

The Lykan Hypersport is a 3.4 million dollar car with diamond studded lights and the first holographic display system with interactive motion. Luxurious services are also available to offer the upmost comfort and ease when inside the vehicle, such as the concierge service connected to the car ready to serve you 24h/24h and the flying doctors all come as standard as well, a team of qualified W engineers will fly to anywhere in the world to service your Hypercar or to help with any problem you might encounter with the Lykan at any given time. The exclusive modern seats of the Lykan are developed for ultimate comfort and safety. Designed with a wrap around carbon fiber body shell, keeping the driver’s body and neck stable when driving at high speeds.

Initial amount: 3.4 million

Decay: 15% or .15

Decay factor: 1-.15 = .85

I will keep the car for 5 years

Equation: 3400000*.85^5 = 1,508,598


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