Magna Carta

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Hannah, Amanda, Jared

King John was one of the worst kings.. ever. He was forced to sign the magna carta, one of the most valuable laws in history.

When he was younger, he had a very bad temper, and always had problems with anger issues.John also had to deal with a lot of issues while he was king. He was constantly at war with France. To fight this war he placed heavy taxes on the Barons of England. He also angered the Pope and was excommunicated from the church.

A group of people didnt like the way that King John was treating everyone, so they rebeled against him, calling themselves "The Army of God."

King John met the group at some point and heard the deal. The group demended King John to sign the Magna Carta, guaranteeing certain rights.King John upholding the law and running a fair government. In return, the  group agreed to stand down and surrender to them.

King John, now finally coming to his senses, regreted signing the contract, and tried to contradict with it. He even tried to get the Pope in on it by making him declare the document illegal and injust.

Soon the country of England, which King John ruled in, had gone to war. The war went on for a year before King John died.

You'd think the Magna Carta would be a fairly short document, but they made 63 clauses pretty much so King John could not outsmart them by him doing something that is not illegal because they forgot something on the document.

Even though King John had not followed the agreement, the ideas put into the Magna Carta are still used today by many countries with Kings and Queens, Three of the clauses are still in force as English law including the freedom of the English Church, the "ancient liberties" of the City of London, and the right to due process. It also influenced the constitutions of other countries. Many of these rights are put into other documents such as the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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