BY: Raegan Bowers

  • Romania's population is 21.9 million.
  • Romaias climate is cold, cloudy, winters with frequent snow and ice, and sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms.
  • The major bodies of water in Romania are Black Sea, Danube River, And Razim lake.
  • The major landforms here are Danube River which is the longest river in Europe. The Carpithian.
  • The animals here are Wild Boar, Wolf, Fox, Lynx, Chamois, Brown Bear, Salmon, Carp, Flounder, Perch, and much more.
  • Some plants that are found here are Spring Flowersr, Taxdium, and many more.
  • The leader of Romania is Traina Basescu.
  • The capital is city of Bucharest.
  • Romanias major city is Bucharest.
  • The languages spoken are Romanian 89%, Hungarian 7%, and German 1.5%.
  • The religons here are Eastern Orthodox 87%, Protest 6.8%, Catholic 5.6%, muslim 0.4%.
  • The foods that are grown here are wheat, maize, sunflowers, potatoes, and apples that are mainly grown here.
  • The sports played here are Football, Handball, Basket ball, Rugby union, Tennis, and Gymnastics. Romania also happen to win the Handball world cup four times in a row.
  • The meaning of the colors on the Romanian flag Yellow- A symbol of genorosity, Red- Hardiness, bravery, strength, and valuor, Blue- Vigilance, truth and loyalty, perserverance and justice.
  • The Palace of the Parliment has the hieght of 86 meters, opened in 1989.
  • Transylvania is a great place to witness capturing, midievil towns. On the way to Transylvania you would be greatly struck by the Clossal Castle, you might also see fairy tale gothic structures. In Transylvania you can vist Art muesum In Barsov, Bran Castle Rasnov Fortress, Apusnei Mountains, National Meusem of History in Cluj, Skelezy Muesum in Miercurea Cluj, and more.
  • You can also vist Dabrogea which is a wild life Reserve.  This attract many tourists.
  • The Berca mud volcanoes are a sight you ant to see these volcanoes are located Buzaua stark lunar lanscapes of erupting mud. this would be a very interesting place to vist in Romania.
  • A place for relaxing is the Thermal Springs,  this is spa located in the Cerna Valley between the Carpathians.
  • The exchange rate- 30 cents from the U.S. equal's 1 Romanian Leu.

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