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Tropical Evergreen Forest

tropical evergreen forest- it recieves rainfall of 80 for every 400 inches annually.

Abiotic Factors                                      







Boitic Factors






Carrying Capacity and Changes in Populations


The carrying capacity of an ecosystem is how many organism it can hold.

Population Needs

A population needs food,water,and shelter to survive. it has to have food so it can eat, and if it doesn't eat then it cant survive. Water is the most important thing because it needs water. It can go without food but it cant go without water at all. They need shelter because if it ever storms really bad then it need a place to hang while the storm is going on. Like snake have to have holes to live in or any kind of shelter because they have to have shelter too,as well as food and water.

Limiting Factors and Predator/Prey Relationships


limiting factors are the things that limit the growth, abundance, or distribution of an organism.

Limiting factors can effect a snake in the tropical evergreen forest by if it ever rains it may fload the hole.

Energy Rules

There are many types of  producers, consumers, decomposers.

Different types of coconsumers- herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, scavenger.

A snake is a consumer and the type is a carnivore. A butterfly is a consumer and the type is a herbivore.

A butterfly gets its energy from a flower and the flower give the butterfly its nector and a snake gets its energry from eating other things

PRODUCERS- they have to have sun bevause if they didnt they couldnt make food and also they would die if they didnt have sun. Producera are vital to an ecosystem beacsue some organisms live off of producers.

Food Chains and Food Webs

A food web is alot of differnt animals that dont go in a straint line but it also shows energy arrows going diddfernt kinds of animals. A food chain is it going in a strait line showing the energy arrows going to each organism in a strait line.

A food web would be more relistic in the tropical evergreen forest beccause there isnt just 4 organisms living in thr tropical evergrenn forest there are alot of differnt animals living there

Food Web

              Food Chain

If i removed the tree in the food web then the chipmunk wouldnt have anywhere to live of the deer wouldnt have anything to eat. It would be bad.

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