Homo Habilis "Handy Man"

By Angelina Magri

This hominid, such as Homo Habilis' nickname is "Handy Man." They were discovered by Louis and Mary Leakey. They didn't look that much similar to us. They walked on 2 feet, they were very tall, and their brain was twice the size of Lucy's. Also, they had human and ape-like features. They lived in Africa, and lived 1.5 to 2 million years ago. Living in groups helped Handy Man survive longer,and to protect each other against animal attacks. Also, it helped each other collect food over longer areas of land. "Handy Man" was different than Lucy because his brain was larger than Lucy's and he was also taller than Lucy. 3 facts about the tools that "Handy Man." used was very simple, they took thought and effort, and it helped them live longer than Lucy. Handy Mans tools were used for stone or cutting, chopping, and for digging. Handy Man also ate meat.

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