By: Ashton O.

In this story, I’m going to tell you why a Ferret is a good pet.

Good reasons to get a Ferret

Ferrets are great pets, they are very intelligent animals. Male Ferrets can actually open cabinets! They also do not carry diseases, they are very clean animals. They only use one corner of their cage to go to the bathroom.


Ferret cages have to be more than one story tall, because they are very active animals. You should give them some dangling toys to play and a mini hammock to rest. Also do not give them a wire bottom because it hurts their paws, give them a plastic or fabric bottom.

If you use a fabric bottom throw it in the wash every once in a while. Don’t give them a glass cage of any kind so they can breathe freely, so get a wire cage instead.


Ferrets needs lots of exercise and toys because they are very active. One of a Ferrets favorite toys is a whiffle ball tied on a string attached to a stick. Get your Ferret a harness if you want to take it on a walk. If you are playing with your Ferret and it bites you don’t put it in its kennel, tap it on the nose and that is punishment enough.


Ferrets don’t need grooming because they don’t shed. Bath your ferret weekly, it won’t be hard because they like the bath. When you bath them always check for ticks. Get your Ferret “Ferret Food,” you can give them as much as you want because they know when to stop eating. Let your Ferret drink out of a water bottle connected to their cage, there is a tube that you put through the cage so they can drink. One brand that sells them is Lixit Water Bottle. For treats you can give them a small piece of a skinned apple. Make it a small piece because they can’t have that much protein.

If your Ferret has albinism

You can tell if your Ferret has albinism, because it is completely white and has red eyes. What is albinism? Albinism is when you have no pigment in your body. Pigment is what protects your body from the sun. So their fur is completely white, so is their skin. Also they don’t actually have red eyes their pupils are clear, instead you are staring at the blood vessels in the back of their eyes.


If you are cleaning your Ferrets cage take out your Ferret, and put your Ferret in a spot where it won’t escape. If you have a fabric bottom toss it in the wash. Get your Ferret clean water and refill your its food bowl. Put your Ferret in its cage and you are done. (Clean its cage about once a week.)

Intelligent – able to learn and understand things
– a swinging couch or bed usually made of netting and slung by cords from supporters at each end
Harness-a set of straps that are placed on an animal Grooming- a person responsible for taking care of an animal Albinism- the condition of an albino Pigment- a substance that gives color to something