The Story of Petroleum

In 1901 Anthony Lucas hit petroleum at spindletop and had gushed in the air tremendously over 100 feet in the air. The "boom" led to  new job opportunities such as working on a oil rig/ oil derrick . The petroleum is  later used to make oil that would soon power machinery like cars. Many people came to west Texas to be apart of the action.

The price for oil had gone from 1.10$ to only .10$. With the discovery of oil and natural gas came boomtowns (towns built by accomplishable or successful rigs/ places). Boomtowns were dirty, disease filled and a possible lack of sewage and drainage systems. Prices of oil barrels had significantly dropped do to the high supply of the barrels.

With Texas being the leading oil producer, the more oil in Texas the cost for it in Texas decreased, but not in just Texas around the world!. With less oil the prices increased too. People around the world decided to build oil rigs to possibly hit "black gold".

Education of Texas was affected by oil. People would donate to help schools and university's. The state had also made a permanent university fund to support the university's along with the oil donors.

Petroleum can make oil, motor oil, diesel fuel, floor  wax, bicycle tires, golf bags, sweaters, cd players, helmets, and motor cycles.

This is oil rig they used at spindletop.

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