Arctic and Hudson Bay Lowlands

This a very beautiful region called Arctic and Hudson Bay Lowlands. This region is located in the northern part of Ontario, Canada.  This area is one of the most southerly expanses of tundra of the world. The temperatures in this area are warming up to 5 degrees . The annual precipitation averages around 100 to 250 millimeters of rain and is the lowest in Canada.  This area expands up to 1,300 kilometers just beyond Fort Rupert in Quebec.  

As you see from this picture this region covered by 50 percent of water. There are several lakes in this region as well as bogs and endless rivers in the Arctic and Hudson bay lowlands. Up to 85 percent of the region is covered by muskeg or peat-forming wetlands.

This is a picture of a polar bear

This region is commonly known for polar bears living in this area and they construct summer dens to cool off in. Some dens are more than six meters deep and probably used for centuries. This area has a lot of different species of birds like the Canadian geese and the tundra swan. A host of shore birds nest here. Also there are some caribou are living in this habitat.

We explored this beautiful region named Arctic and Hudson Bay Lowlands and we explored where this area is located, the different species that live here,also the warming temperature, and what the land is formed by. This area is very unique because you don't expect polar bears to live in this type of habitat or even how they survive in this region so it's very interesting to research about this unpredictable land form region named the Arctic and Hudson Bay Lowlands.

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