Wild Bill Hickok

Family and Marriage

James Butler Hickok was born as Wild Bill Hickok in his later years, but he was born in May 27th, 1837 and loved in Troy Grove, Illinois. His father was William Alonzo Hickok and Polly Butler Hickok. James had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Bill was married to an older lady by the name of Agnes Thatcher Lake.

Five facts about Wild Bill.

Wild Bill was in the Union Army as a wagon master and a scout. Wild Bill also ran for sheriff of Ellsworth County, but lost. Hickok was appointed city marshal in Abilene. Hickok was an assistance for Deputy Mike William. Hickok accidentally killed the Deputy in a rumble at a saloon.


Wild Bill was a gambler and a killer. Every saloon he went to he would either win or lose and he would end up putting people in their place or end up killing them right in the spot. Wild Bill was neither good or bad, he did some good and bad things.

His Jobs

When he was 17 his job was a towpath in Illinois and the Michigan Canal, which he would take people to their destination. In his later years, he was a sheriff in Hay City, Kansas. He was also an assistance deputy for Mike William, the deputy that he accidentally shot and killed.

Bill's Death

Wild Bill went to deadwood saloon where he was a playing a card game like he usual does and little did he know that the assassin Jack McCall was also in their. While Bill was playing cards McCall came up behind him and shot in the back of the head. Wild Bill Hickok was a pair of eights and king when he died, which are called "Dead mans hand."

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