Western Cordillera

By: Dev Chitale


One of the leading attractions in Canada is a small town in the western cordillera named Banff . This scenic town is located in Alberta and is 1,463 meters above sea level. Hundreds of tourists from around the world attend a place where the 2010 Olympics used to be. This breathtaking  taste of Banff Alberta is one of Canada's major attractions. Some of the other attractions include a resort right beside the Rocky Mountains, hot springs and refreshing ice fields. In this region I will be talking about where the best spot to set up my business would be and why.


Average Annual Temperature:

Banff, Alberta has an average annual temperature of 4.1 degrees Celsius, this information indicates that the average temperature is warm and perfect for recreational activities.  

Temperature Range:

The maximum temperature range for Banff is 22.2 degrees Celsius.This temperature tells us that the climate is maritime.

Total Precipitation:

The total precipitation for my region is 600 mm per year. This makes it perfect for skiing or snowboarding due to not a lot of rain nor a lot of snow in a short period of time.

Seasonal Distribution of precipitation:

Precipitation in the Winter: 160.2 mm

Precipitation in Summer: 438 mm

Snowfall in the Winter: 124 mm

Snowfall in the Summer: 27.4 mm


The Western Cordillera best consists of 800 km worth of mountains peaks and mountain belts. This is clear evidence that there once was and still is an alpine glacier present in the region.These are large and steep mountains that were created 30 to 100 million years ago. This unique topography best explains why more people set up ski and snowboarding shops in the region. Due to the landscape it is understandable why it is so fun to participate in recreational activities. This makes it much more thrilling to participate in these type of activities.


The vegetation in this vast region is mainly made up of high evergreen trees. Even though the vegetation is mainly trees it also have some fascinating varieties. It really depends on where you are standing in the Western Cordillera to see this is change.This vegetation can go from one side of the mountain to the other. If you are on the windward side (side where it mainly rains) you may see trees that are 30 stories high. When you travel to the leeward side (side where it doesn't rain a lot) you will see a contrast in vegetation. Due to its lack in precipitation you will encounter dry climates and find grasses and cacti. At high elevation there is not a lot of tree growth due to the permafrost soil, this creates a better ski run for the tourists. When you go for a ski run down the leeward side you will not see much vegetation, but ski on the windward side you will encounter trees and and plants at the bottom.

Recreational or Business Opportunity

My recreational activity that I would like to set up in the Western Cordillera would be a ski rental shop. This activity is perfect for my region. This is because tourists don't want to just see the mountains, they also want to feel the wind on their faces while skiing down the mountain. I will get a lot of profits due to the landscape of this region and will take advantage of its one and only features. Due to this regions moderate climate it will be much more profitable to set up a ski rental shop. In this region it mainly snows all year round but not in excess amounts. Only this type of climate is needed for this particular recreational activity.

Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

The Western Region meaning the Western Cordillera has had more than 1000 earthquakes in the past. This key bit of information is not relevant when you are skiing because you will not even be able to feel the earthquake. The only scary part about this is that it has landslides and avalanches that effect the way people do their activities on the mountain. It is really unlikely to stumble upon an avalanche or landslide while skiing. This is unlikely because of the soil that is permafrost and is tightly packed all year round. If one were to encounter such a thing it is probably due to the forming of snow in a weak eroded area. A landslide was to be formed due to the activity of earthquakes in this region.

How it was the Region Created

The Western Cordillera is separated into 3 sections,but only one is perfectly suitable for my business and it is called the Eastern Mountains. The other two sections are Interior Plateaus and Coast Mountains.

Interior Plateaus:

-This part of the region was created due to volcanic activity. The rocks that are present in this section are igneous and sedimentary. These rocks hold essential minerals such as zinc, copper and even gold. The Interior Plateaus is in the center of the Western Cordillera. This is the least likely place that any business owner would set up their business due to the landscape of rolling hills and plains.

Eastern Mountains:

-The Eastern Mountains are made up of two types of mountains, which are The Rockies and the Columbia Mountains. The Rockies is one of the youngest mountain ranges in Canada. They are made up of sedimentary rock and were mainly created due to faulting and folding. The Columbia Mountains are made up of sedimentary rock and some metamorphic underneath the surface. However, these mountains are not as tall as the Rockies due to years and years of erosion. These mountains were also created by faulting and folding. The Rockies is the best and only place to set up my shop due to the steep mountains where people can enjoy winter activities like skiing or snowboarding.

Coast Mountains:

-This part of Western Cordillera was created by a convergent boundary. This happened when the Pacific plate went underneath the North american plate, and due to the pressure it created magma that seeped onto the Earth's surface. When it was then cooled it created what is now know as the Coast Mountains. These mountains mainly have metamorphic and igneous rocks.


In conclusion, I chose skiing as the perfect recreational activity for this region because of its ideal climate, landscape, and it does not have as many risk of natural disasters.This is because when you are skiing it is not snowing a lot, you are speeding down a steep mountains and there will not be any fatal accidents.In result to starting my ski shop in the Western Cordillera I strongly believe that I will make a lot of profit. By me making just a little bit of money this can be even helpful to the economy. Not only will I have fun, people who come to ski in this region will also have the best time of their lives. This is why Western Cordillera is the best place to do my recreational activity.Would you rather have a fun time skiing down rolling hills or feel like the king or queen of the world while skiing down from 4,000 feet?


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