Ponce de Leon

Captain's log book
Maximilian B.
Mr. Jeremy

Leaving Spain

Log book, 8 o'clock in the morning (1513) After I have eaten my breakfast and packed my things, I drive with a carriage to my ships. My men and I will leave Spain today. I start with three ships and 200 men. The largest ship has seven semens and a lot of explorer. I want to explore the Fountain of Youth in America.

At this moment my men bring the food and other things on board. I'm very nervous. I think it is a different trip as the second trip of Columbus because of the Gulf Stream. We want to get gold and more land for the Spanish empire. But I also want to get my title back. I am still angry at the King and Queen that took my title. They say that I have brutally conquered the naitives of Borinquen.

I go to the other explorers to study the map and the difficult things. Then I go in my room to check my instruments. Next I go outside and make a last check around the ship.Little by little come people at the harbour. Finally we pull the sails up and drive to the new world with applause.

Day 43

Log book entry: After 43 days on sea all people are desperate. Our food isn't enough for all and diseases spread out. My men look horrible. They are dirty and sick because our vegetables are gone. We have only dry food and my men are really aggressive. But that isn't enough. My fears are truth. As we come to the Golf Stream, we get into a big storm.

You can't go outside anymore. The sky is dark and the waves are ten meters high. My crew work realy hard. We lost already 34 men and we all think that is our death or the devil comes to get us. I can't sleep because I fall everytime out of my bed. Our ship is very demaged and one semen is broken. The food and our instruments also are gone and we can't drive with out a compass or navigation instroments. My men try to keep the water in the ocean.


Log book entry: Today we will arrive at America. As I stand up today, the whole crew was lucky as a king. Then a boy tell me that the crew saw the coast of America. I'm sort of glad because now is the crew happy and not sad anymore, but I'm a little bit sad because we don't know where we are.

I swim with to small boats and the other explorer to the coast. As we arrive there I can't believe my eyes, I found new land because before I thought this land was found already. Now comes the biggest moment in my life. We make a hole and put the Spanish flag in it. It will be forever Spanish land now. I will call it Florida because of his beautiful flowers along the coast. Then we look at last card that we have from the ship, yet. We all thought we have found a new island.

Suddenly some natives attack us, but we win against the bad, tall natives because there are like animals, dirty. They are a kind of stupid because they live withe the wood and don't invite new things.

About Ponce de Leon

Juan Ponce de Leon lived from1460 to152o and he was a Spanish explorer and soldier, who was the first European, who traveled to Florida. De Leon helped to fight against the moslems in 1490. He was on board on the second expedition of Columbus, at 1493. Ponce adopted soon as the governor of region of Santo Domigo. By 1511, he lost his title because he brutally conquered the natives if Brinquen to find gold. After he traveled to Florida and a fight against the natives, he moved southern Florida along the Gulf Stream to Cumba. De Leon tried to go back to Bimini, but he failed. Then he named Captain General and tried to find Bimini again, but he landed again at Florida. Finally he lost his live in a fight against the natives and dies.

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