Creating your Vietnam story

Use these instructions to help you get started.

Step One

1.  Using Powerpoint, save your slides by selecting File--"Save As."  When the menu pops up, make sure it is saving to your own home folder.   Use the pull down menu to save it AS a .jpg.   It will create a folder for all of your .jpg images.

2.  If you are not using Powerpoint, whatever tool you use, save your images as .jpg or .png files.

3.  Be sure you included your bibliography slide and also a slide with your name or initials, your teachers name and the year.

Step Two

1.  Open PhotoStory on the PC.   (You can also do this film in iMovie).   Begin a new story, and select "Import Pictures."  You can rearrange photos in the timeline by dragging and dropping them.

2.  Use the "Next" button to navigate between screens in Photostory.   Be sure to "Save Project" as often as you can.

3.  Go to the third page of Photostory where it gives you the option to "customize motion."    Under each photo, click customize motion.  Click button to "start and stop motion".  This gives you the option to control how the photos zoom in and out and how long they display for.  Keep them to about 8-12 seconds, depending on the slide.   Save.

4. Select your music (an .mp3 file will work).  The music begins on whatever slide you have clicked on.    Save your project.

Step Three

1.  Save your project using the "save button" at the bottom left.

2.  You can now convert your project to a movie.  Under the "Browse" button, browse to YOUR home folder, and rename the movie, last name, first name of your soldier.  Leave the .wmv ending.

3.  Press the "Next" button and it will begin compressing it into a movie file.

4.  After it's done, click "Play" to see how your movie looks finished.