Rube Goldberg Machine

This needs to be real

choosing my project

What did I choose?                                                          Rube Goldberg machine.

why did you choose this?                                                Because I'm good at it and it was fun.

Do you think you will have a career in this?                No because I'm better at other things.

intro research

Today Justin and I drew our project out on google drawing. Then restarted and didn't finish because it wasn't neat enough.

intro research

this is what we drew on google drawings and what we plan to make

Getting Started Day 1

Today we started making the machine. We got stage one done and tested it and tomorrow we will do stage two.

getting started day 2

Today we are making advances to our project and might go on to stage two

20% Project day 6

Today we were going to test how far the spoon launched the ball and get the average but it took us a while to set it up and we only did it a few times.

day 7

Today Justin and I will put the whole thing together and modify it as needed.Then we figured out we need to change. We might do a zip-line approach.

picture #2

Today we will redo our picture. Our walt design wasn't working so we will make a different design.

try #1

Our first design wasn't working because the rope holding it up wasn't able to be put straight but it had to be straight to work.

project lesson

In this project we've run into many problems we even had to restart. In this project the lesson is really about motion and somewhat the domino effect. And when we restarted we went with the domino affect.

Coming back

Yesterday i was at the rubber ducks game with the rest of my team. Then today we confirmed stage one and stage two. We can't find Justin's spoon and deck of cards for the catapult  so we couldn't do stage three.

Day 11

today we did the same thing we did yesterday because Justin didn't bring in his catapult so we couldn't go on to the next step.

Day 12

Today we are coming back from Memorial day weekend so most people aren't really in it today. But today justin forgot his catapult again so we can't really do anything but go over what we have already.

Day 13

Today we re-did our drawing and and tested it and it work.

Last Day to Work

Today is our last day to work and I've learned so much. we got our machine to work but we decided to connect it to a different groups machine and i think it will work

Cleaning up

Since we are done this will be my last tackk entry. I wish I would have picked the cardboard chair but I'm happy with how the project turned out we ended up finishing and joining another group. We finished and it worked very well. I learned a lot and had some fun. Down below is a video of our machine watch and enjoy!

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2 years ago

I like the set up for your site. I also like the captions and subtitles. It gives me a clean idea of what you are about to talk about. 😉 😉

2 years ago

Your Rube Goldberg looks very cool, and it makes me want to see the final product. Very cool!