WHAT CAN WE DO

Except of wrapping every gift,we can use jute bags because afterwards the person who received the gift will throw the wrapper and that will cause more garbage.

We can use steel bottles for water which keep the water cool except of using a plastic bottle and throwing it.

Be very careful while choose our fruits,because if it is black from inside then we have to throw it.

Tell your mom to cook how much ever needed food so that it doesn't go in waste.


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In the land of India,every street you walk in,there is garbage some where.Its not mostly seen in a dustbin but on the floor.This makes me very sad.Some of us don't even pick up one wrapper and throw it in the dustbin.I can't understand,if we don't care for our land nobody else will.

The municipalities sends bulldozers once a while to take the garbage out,but after that they dump it in villages.Bulldozers are gone,we start throwing garbage again.In my opinion,the municipalities should not send the bulldozers and see if people will throw more garbage or not.

This is a video about garbage in India.                                                                                                


All the villages where municipalities throw the garbage suffer with dangerous diseases and infections.If these aren't treated quickly,they can cause death.The main diseases are gastrointestinal,stomach pain,vomiting,diarrhea,cholera,allergies and skin diseases.


One of the major things we throw is plastic.While other garbage is easily decomposed,plastic takes 100's of years to decompose.Plastic bowls,plates,glasses,wrappers, and bags are the most usual plastic items we use everyday.Some of our families use glass utensils to be more Eco-friendly.

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