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  • For my the fourth portion of my communidades final, I watched the movie Casi Divas. This movie was about four women who auditioned for a role in a movie. They would become extremely famous from a successful producer named Alejandro Mateos. These four women accomplished their goal to be in Alejandro's movie as they walked down the road to fame. This movie was very interesting in the way it showed the lives of the four women moving away from home. They were from very different parts of Mexico. This can show that leaving home must have been extremely difficult for these women. They had to drop their lives where they were in order to reach fame and success; it was great to see a happy ending to this movie as the girls reached their career goals. This is one very important aspect and steady motif throughout this movie, the determination to get what you want as well as the fruits of your hard work. This can be translated both professionally as well as personally to any aspect in my life. For instance, if I want to succeed at my future job, I will have to leave behind some of my old life in order to start a new one. These four women had to leave their home in order to reach fame and success. For college, I know that I will be willing to leave my home behind in order to start on a path to a successful future.
  • The fifth portion of my communidades final listening to a podcast about a city in Spain known as Barcelona. This podcast talked much about the different regions of Spain as well as the different places to receive the most authentic food. This podcast explained a lot about Spain; it even shared some of the cultural inspirations in this region. For instance, Rick Steves talked much about the different regions in Spain and how different the language of Catalan and Spanish can be. He talked a lot about the great tasting food as well as the different wines that can be procured in the area. My family and I love to listen to podcasts by Rick Steves, because he makes sure to give information about a country in the most authentic way possible. It is too easy to get trapped by touristy attractions, but Rick Steves is a great guide to help us stray away from these traps. In fact, I know how Rick can give authentic information as I have been to Spain before. I have gone to some of the restaurants he has talked about and have tried many different types of the famous tapas. My family and I even went to some of the attractions he has talked about as well as used the method of transportation he has discussed. In fact, we used the bus stations not only in Barcelona, but as well as Madrid and other cities in Spain. As already described, I have learned much about the authentic tapas as well as the laid back culture of Spain. I can take many ideas personally from this listening of this podcast. For instance, if I am able to listen to a podcast with my family and translate that to my traveling habits. Then, I can successfully travel to different places with ease.
  • For the sixth and final phase of my communidades project, I went to dinner at Sangria. I had to order my meal on the phone and this was extremely challenging as the person on the other end of the phone could not see my hand motions as well as my expressions.  This was something I figured out on my own about the Spanish culture, they use they hands to communicate. This was evident as it would be easy to understand me in person, but extremely hard to understand me on the other end of the phone. However, the man was very patient and helped me immensely. This was yet another lesson I learned about the Spanish culture, no matter how badly you speak in Spanish, these native Spanish speakers will always take pride in helping an eager customer. I can take away this personally as a feat. I accomplished something so challenging that I know if I do have to make reservations at a restaurant again I know I will be able to do it. I can also take away professionally the fact, that if I do want to become an international business woman I will need to take conference calls that could reach out to Spain or other countries in South America. After this last activity, although my Spanish was rough, my eagerness and optimism showed me that I can accomplish the most difficult of tasks.
  • Conclusion: The most interesting thing I noticed about the Spanish culture, is the fact that we share so many similarities between their and our own culture. For instance, even though they may live in different regions their cuisine is mixed the same is true for American cuisine. The most important thing I have learned through this acitivty is that these Spanish speakers will not look down on you if your grammar is inncorrect, they only care if you try to speak the language
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