Canada & Syria

Recent Airstrikes in Syria Break International Law

Recently Canada became the second nation within NATO to begin sending fighter jets to execute airstrikes over ISIS held areas


Canada has been involved within this conflict for quite some time and felt that it should aid it's NATO Ally. The reason for Canada's involvement is due to the fact that they are a major member of NATO


With recent threats from ISIS not just from outside of Canada but a few also from within, the Canadian government has decided to ramp up its security and initiative of dealing with threats like the conflict in Syria. It would be in Canada's best interest to assist with the riddance of ISIS.


The effect that a decision like this has on it's foreign policy is much more black and white than usual. Many believe that this was the right form of action to take and that they should use as many expendable resources to suppress the situation in the country from which it originated from. However, there are others who wanted a decision of this multitude to go through a vote of some sort before being implemented. Ultimately, from a foreign policy standpoint it shows that Canada puts the safety o it's citizens as a first priority and acts accordingly. It also shows that it is using it's membership in NATO to assist in the extermination of ISIS members, which can be an excellent strategy to help with dealing with the arab countries affected in the future.


The significance of this is yet to be completely determined as the strikes have not officially started yet. However many could say that this action has the potential to bring upon a downpour of controversy on Canada. In general Canada has been very effective in an assistance role to Syria as it continues to send foreign to the country depleted by civil war and the invasion of ISIS. I believe the feedback will be in favour of Canada as it protects it's citizens and their liberties and it helps a nation in need of the most international need at this moment in getting rid of one of the worst terrorist regimes in history.

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