Pollux is an orange-colored star that is two times the mass of the Sun and almost nine times the diameter. It is around 33.72 light years away from Earth. Pollux is around 724 million years old.  The rotation is about 558 days with a velocity of 2.8 km/s. Castor and Pollux are known as the "Twin Stars". It is an A-type main sequence star that is in the constellation of Gemini. The temperature is 4770 kelvin.

         The mass is around 4.057 kg and the diameter is 11,128,000 km. Pollux is the brightest star in the Gemini constellation followed by Castor. It is easy to identify because there are not a lot of bright stars around them. Midnight Culmination which marks the time when Pollux crosses the meridian and occurs around January 15. The star begins to rise at sunset and will reach it's peak around midnight. The midnight culmination is the best time to observe the star as it shine throughout the night.

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