Back to the past

A boy named Jeff was sent back in time while he was asleep. He was sent to September 10, 2001. When he woke up he was on a bench on the side if the street. He really confused, he didn't know no where he was or why he was on the side of the road. The the seen a News Paper, it said September 10, 2001. When he seen that he realized that his teacher told his class that on 9/11 the was an attack on the twin towers. He started trying to warn people but of course nobody listened. He ran to the police station and he told them that there would be an attack on the twin towers. They didn't want to believe him because he was only fifteen. But since it sounded so believable they didn't want to risk all of those peoples lives. He order and evacuation in the city, everyone in the whole city was forced to leave for 48 hr just to be safe. Then Jeff realized that the pentagon was going to get attacked to. When he told the police he called the pentagon and told them all to leave the building. When the attack happened nobody died but everyone was really shocked that it actually happened. That night he slept at the police station two cities down from NYC. But when Jeff woke up he wasn't there anymore, he was back in his bed in the present. He wanted to know if it was real or just a dream. He looked up the attack of 9/11 on his phone. It said that on 9/11 there was an attack but nobody was hurt or kill because of a mysterious young man named Jeff saved the day with the knowledge of the attack. When he told his mom what happened she didn't believe him. So he went on with his life knowing he saved thousands of people.

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