How To Get The Most From Your Franna Crane

Can you imagine the construction industry or warehouse operations without the use of the cranes? Nowadays, it is almost impossible to perform any of those heavy tasks without the assistance of this type of machinery.

Thanks to the great invention of the crane, the days where lifting heavy materials was performed by hundreds of workers at the same time, fortunately are gone. Today, we have a far-ranging choice of different types of cranes, each of them particularly made for a specific operation.

One of them is the so-called “Monsta” crane, otherwise known as Franna crane. The original name “Franna” is derived from the names of the company founder Francis and his daughter Anna.

The Franna crane is an Australian-made product and it is massively used in mining, industrial and construction sites all over the continent. The reason for that is very simple – it is a home made product and it has outstanding features and performance.

Here we are going to see how to get the most from your Franna crane.

  • Buy from a reliable source – Do not get mystified by the fancy, perfect images of cranes online by some brands that you have never heard of. Always look for a reputable and reliable seller who will ensure you that you are buying nothing less than a versatile Franna crane in a perfect condition. You might find it way too expensive to buy a brand new Franna crane from a brand company, and that is normal. But it is better to invest a little bit more in quality to obtain highest results in the long run, rather than spending thousands on reparations and replacement of crane parts that you won't be even sure about their originality and quality.
  • Choose the right model and type – Franna cranes come in various sizes, shapes and configurations, which is perfect. By having a broad-spectrum of choice, you can easily choose the one that is suitable for your needs and requirements. Thus, there are smaller Franna cranes that are especially designed for lifting lighter weights, whereas there are giant Franna cranes too, with an extreme power of lifting massive freight heavy up to 30 tones.
  • Read your owner's manual - Before starting operating with your new Franna crane, it is highly recommended to read the owner's or manufacturer's manual. Maybe you are a crane expert, but each crane is different and special in its own way. Hence, different features and way of operating. That is why you should ALWAYS read the owner's manual in order to see what kind of machinery you are dealing with.
  • Hire trained operators – Not everyone can operate the 'Monsta' crane. Working with the Franna crane is a really serious thing to do and there is no room for mistakes, because even the smallest mistake could provoke fatal consequences. Do not forget that we are talking about a massive piece of machinery with an outstanding power and you surely do not want to have some unwelcome experience with it. Therefore, it is recommended to hire trained staff with experience and skills for operating with your Franna crane.
  • Regular maintenance – Maintaining you fleet in good shape, including the Franna crane too, has to be one of your daily responsibilities. This includes oil, water and tires checking, and safety requirements checking.

    It is always recommended to do general checking at least once a year, to make sure that your Franna crane keeps running in a perfect condition with optimized performance.