European Exploration Proposal

Explorer: Michelle Quach

Dear King Henry IV,

There is new land over in the New World, the country of France can claim. I am an explorer, by the name of Michèle. Living in Vietnam I have found a way to help both our countries. France needs supplies and I can get them, quicker than any route that you could have thought of.


Above are the other countries' route they will take shorter than what I have planned, but my route does not have many problems. I have planned it many times and studied the Pacific Ocean, this route is the most safest, and dependable route there is. Many other countries are going to the New World, some include England and Spain. They have sent many explorers, but not many have succeeded. Other countries are looking for wealth, freedom, and natural resources. Many want to have land, new job opportunities as well.

Above is my route to get to North America, the year now is 1597, I suspect it will take a couple months to get there. I don't have the money, but I have a way. All I need is about ten thousand dollars. I have some supplies that I can use, but I still need supplies and a ship.


France I have heard are looking for more...wealth. Many countries are looking for the same thing, but I can assure you that I will be the first to find it. In my land of Vietnam I have learned many things, and finding gold is one of them.


Many countries are using the Atlantic Ocean for their route, but I am using the Pacific, landing in the western part of the New World. Less crowded and more possible to finding the resources that we are looking for.


Earlier explorers have said there are Natives, and that they can be violent as well. As we both know other explorers are there in this New World too. To deal with this situation I plan to avoid them as much as possible. If they become too much of a problem, then I will have to fight. I am a skilled fighter and quite handy with a weapon. We cannot let these problems get in out way of our success.


There are some things that we might face that I need your help with. I heard that people have starved there so I want to bring extra food and supplies just to be sure. Shipments of extra supplies might be needed when we reach the New World.

Many people have went, not many have succeeded, but with me, our two countries can accomplish this quest!

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