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When it comes to hair regrowth and development or effective treatment of baldness,Minoxidil for women and men offers the best solutions. However, having something beneficial within your hands is not enough, as you also need to know the perfect ways to apply it and enjoy the desired results. These work as vasodilators and by dilating the scalp blood vessels they stimulate hair growth and scalp functioning. In spite of the myriad benefits associated with the products, one also needs to know when not to use them:

  • Associated allergies
  • Painful, inflamed, sunburned or infected scalp
  • Use of existing scalp medicines
  • You're already pregnant or plan to be
  • Breastfeeding mom
  • On medicines, dietary supplement, or herbal preparation
  • Blood vessel, BP, or heart problems

If one or more of the conditions apply in your case, it is advisable that you talk with your specialist before you go on to try Minoxidil. While this substance doesn't have my chances of going into the blood or come into contact with other medicines, it is still worthwhile to have a talk with your physician regarding potential complications. Since these products have been designed for use upon the scalp only, it's important that you take all the necessary precautions during its application. For example, it won't do good to let it come in contact with your mouth, nose, or eyes.


Naturally, it varies from patient to patient as well as the degree of baldness, the position of the patches, the size of the patches, your gender, and similar factors. You can useMinoxidil foam, spray, or liquid as suggested by the experts or as per your convenience. Ideally, you should follow whatever your doctor ordered and don't forget to read the label thoroughly before beginning application. Medicine strength will dictate the amounts you will need to use for every application. This factor will also determine the medicine strength, dosage number, duration between doses, and the length of applications. Still, here are some average suggestions related to mean to Minoxidil but you shouldn't change your existing regime without asking your doctor first. For hair growth:

  • Adults need to apply 1 ml of the solution 2 times every day or as suggested by your doctor.
  • Those who are using foam, 1/2 capful 2x every day is suggested
  • For children however, you shouldn't leave anything to guesswork just do what your doctor suggests.

In our hectic schedule, it may happen that you forget to apply Minoxidil 2%leading to missed doses. Timely use of the medicine is extremely important when you want to get the best results. So the instant you remember about the missed dose, apply it without further delay. However if you find that the time for the next dose has come, then skip the earlier one and go as per the regular schedule. Many people use Minoxidil simply because it tends to give the best results where all else seems to fail. For more information regarding Minoxidil solutions, visit the one shop stop http://www.minoxidildirect.com/.

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