Valitar - Originated on Battlefield

Valitar is the acrobatic display of both horse and rider, and the dream of one Mark Remley and his wife Tatyana Remley. The show was meant to be a testimony to the connection between person and horse, a connection that has been increasingly strengthening over thousands of years. The show’s style is somewhat like the acrobatic performance of Cirque du Soleil, except with the incorporation of horses. Performing acrobatic feats successfully while on horseback takes a unique skill set and a vast amount work.

Both the horse and the rider must be in top physical condition throughout the shows duration, and they have to maintain this physical condition through rigorous training. The success of the show and the immense amount of planning that went into can be attributed to Mark Remley. He has over 25 years experience in many phases of business management, including operations, capitalization, quality assurance, and outsourcing. He also served as the Executive Vice President and CIO of the Signal Corporation.

The acrobatic stunts preformed by the rider were not originally developed for the entertainment industry. The feats seen in Valitar were actually invented on the battlefield. Soldiers on horseback or cavalrymen were known to perform some very similar acrobatic feats to those featured in the show. This was in an attempt to better elude their opponents while being able to attack quickly and from an unanticipated angle. Though not in much use now, the act of performing acrobatic moves while on horseback during combat is nothing recent. It has developed through history as the horse became more and more monumental in the development of personality.

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