Brief History-

Peru, once the ancient home of the Inca civilization, lies in western South America, bordering on Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and the Pacific Ocean. Bisected by the towering Andes Mountains.  The official national languages are Spanish and Quechua. The population 29.2 million,45% indigenous peoples and about 40% mestizo; the remainder is white and of other ethnicities. There is a sizeable Asian immigrant community in the coastal regions. More than 80% of the population professes Roman Catholicism. The capital of Peru is Lima.


In Peru, the official national languages are Spanish and Quechua, although   Aymara is also widely spoken in the mountainous regions. There are a lot of tourists in Peru because of the wonderful places it has. So, some people need to learn different languages like English, French, German etc.

Climate Region-

In general, the climate on the coast is subtropical with very little rainfall. The Andes mountains observe a cool-to-cold climate with rainy summers and very dry winters.

Peru has a climate that varies from tropical in the Amazon jungle  region in the east of the country to temperate on the coastline, with  areas of arid desert in the west. The land is volatile, subject to earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the devastating effects of El NiƱo.


Peruvian main courses are enormously varied in flavors and colors reflecting the native heritage, the three main geographical areas and of course the merging of traditional with foreign cooking styles from immigrants. As each region in Peru is distinct in its flora and fauna, each local cuisine adapts to the natural resources available and present foreign influences.

In Peru, there are a variety of food, like ceviche, causa, cuy, lomo saltado and aji de gallina. The corn is very useful in there, and its also very big and delicious. There is a very popular soda called Inca Kola,


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