My name is Jamey June I am 16 years old.I am for the north.I live in North Carolina. I live with my mom and my one brother it has been really hard for me and my mom and my brother because my farther and my other brother are serving. They are stationed in lose angle


Day 1: May 19, 1863

In the morning I get up and I put on some clothes that I had made before the war started. I go to the little box that we have for the table and had  a little piece of bread. After I had my food I clean the Floors. I make some more clothes for me and my mom and my brothers. In the afternoon we go to the little box and we have a little plate that I carved out of wood that we put are corn on. after we ate all of our food we make sure we give are people that served some clean clothes and healing cream   . after that we get some water from the river and washed the plates and we got our hair wet. After we all cleaned up we get out some blankets that me and my mother made and we all  laid on the floor all really close.

Day 2: May 20,1863

Dear Father ,Brother

     Me and mother and Jimmy are doing fine we have been making new clothes everyday. We have not been sleeping good because in the night all of the slaves are trying runaway and they get caught and all you hear in the woods are sounds of wipes and screaming and I would hold mother and Jimmy close to me. So I have seen the news paper I wanted to make sure you where doing okay me and mom where scared.

Day 3: May 21,1863

Me and my mom love to help the people that served. Me and my mom have 3 thing that we do for them bring them healing cream and clothes.

making clothes for the people that served
getting water for the people that served
this is the news paper that me and my mother got
this is how bad the war was
this is where i live

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