Drag trip cars

                                                       BY WYATT Adkins

Drags tips a good smell of oil and burnt ruder. Then you now your at a drag strip

The older cars may not have been very fast but they they are very unique in fact all cars are unique in a way.

50 Years ago Ford introduced the Mustang. It was a compact, sporty, and affordable car that would be the benchmark for all pony cars to come. It was an instant success.

              fastest drag race


crashes can be bad or once you walk away from with out a scar the once that are bad can kill the driver and the people around them. I have witnessed some crashes the worst one I have seen. A car went 127 miles an hour down the track he lost control of the car. Flipped 20 times the guy in side lost both arms and on one of the arms lot the hand and fingers on it. Brock some ribs and was blind for 30 days and could not hear for 20 days after that.        

you can race just about any thing in a drag strip here is some stuff that is raced

school buses


hot rods

classic cars





and every day cars   

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