Final MINI "Power Plant Live" Project


  • What was the project prompt....
  • Create a design demonstrating an understanding of scale. This means taking something very large and properly transforming it into a design that looks similar. An example could be a 3D representation of Ft. McHenry or another Baltimore landmark.
  • What is your project?
  • My project is a model of the Power Plant down town which is a very old landmark in Baltimore  around the 1900's.
  • Did you plan it out first?
  • I did plan plan my project out first I did research about it at first I h planned on doing the The Gallery but it had too many suspended parts of the building.
  • Why did you make it?
  • I made this building because it is a very old and cool building.


  • What was your process?
  • My process was first figuring out what I was going to make for my project and then after that I looked up images of the Power Plant live and I began to build it, I used simple shapes and the ruler tool.
  • What problems did you face?
  • Some problems that i had with this project was making sure nothing was suspended and i also had to make sure it was scaled down to a smaller size, the letters I didn't put on there because it was small.
  • How did you overcome any problems?
  • For the letters I just put the abbreviation for the Hard Rock Cafe, the size was scaled down and I just didn't have all the details because of the suspension but i added detail in my screenshots.


  • What would your next iteration be?
  • If I were to re-build this I would have built the building on its back and had every thing with details so it could look much more awesome.
  • What did you like best?
  • I liked the end result of my project because I thought building an architectural piece would be complicated but it turn out too be kinda easy.
  • How would you make it better?
  • i would make it better by adding all the details and making sure that everything is aligned correctly.

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2 years ago

This is my final MINI 3D Printing project it is a model of the Power Plant down town. The Power PLant Live is located on 34 Market Place, the power plant was founded in the 1900's it opened around 2001, 2002, and 2003 😁

2 years ago

This looks great Kenyetta! Great job documenting the process.

2 years ago

Thank you @jonathandhf