Benefits of Contact Lenses

If you are using contact lenses for the first time, then there must be a few questions plaguing your mind that need to be resolved before you try them. There are a number of myths that are quite untrue, if you come to think of them. A few of them are stated below so that all your doubts are cleared.

Myth 1- Contact lenses are uncomfortable

Reality- Contact lenses are more comfortable to wear than your daily glasses. You feel freer and can avail an all-round view, which is not generally possible with vision glasses.

Myth 2- Contact lenses are not supposed to be worn if you are suffering from astigmatism

Reality- This in reality only remains a myth because people with astigmatism can make use of contact lenses due to this new development known as Accelerated Stabilisation Design Technology that helps one align the contact lens, at the slightest blink.

Myth 3- Contact lenses are one of the major causes of eye infections

Reality- This only occurs if you are not careful with your hygiene. Of course, one is required to wash his/her hands before touching the contact lenses. This will ensure your eyes are protected and infection-free.

Myth 4- Contact lenses can stick to your eye, if you are not careful

Reality- This is absolutely impossible but if you still have doubts, you can enquire for more information from your Eye Care Practitioner.

Myth 5- Contact lenses are high maintenance

Reality- No, this is simply a myth since contact lens come in various forms; you can avail reusable contact lenses too, that are supposed to be disposed of in a day.

Myth 6- Eye lens is harmful for teenagers or children

Reality- This question will be best answered by your eye care practitioner. In fact, a lot of teenagers wear lenses and it is absolutely safe to use. Just that small children need to be instructed about maintaining hygiene and other important details.

Myth 7- Older people should be wary of contact lenses

Reality- Contact lenses can be worn by people of all ages.

There a various benefits of contact lenses some of which are stated below:

  • One of the major benefits of contact lenses is the fact that it provides you with a full field of focus and makes vision sharper and direct.
  • You receive more freedom of movement, especially if you are a sports enthusiast. Also, it does not obstruct or interfere with your headgear or even slip off during strenuous exercise.
  • It provides you with more confidence and also brings about a radical change in your personality.
  • They are UV protected; therefore you no longer have to worry about those harmful sunrays damaging your eyes.