Various Styles of Modern Abayas

Women following Islam need to follow certain rules and regulations and this is observed in their style of dressing too. Islamic women are expected to keep their entire body covered except for their face, hands and feet. Jilbabs and Abayas are popular traditional dresses worn by the women. Earlier these dresses were available in black color, but today you can find various colors, patterns and designs on them. Buying Abayas and Jilbabs online is a great option as you get to choose from a wide range of Jilbabs and Abayas. If you are not aware of the latest Abaya styles, here is a complete guide for you:

  • Butterfly Style: This style of Abaya is also popular by the name of farashas. The ripples creates around the sleeves of these Abayas look like the wings of a butterfly. These Abayas are extremely comfortable to wear and look beautiful and elegant. Another quality that makes these Abayas desirable is the needlework done on them. The beautiful designs created on the Abayas make them look even more classy and can be worn on any occasion.
  • Jilbab Style: The Jilbab style Abayas are extremely loose and since they are so spacious they are comfortable to wear. For women, who love to get dressed in flowing apparels, this is a great choice. You can find various jilbabs online. The huge variety consists of various colors, designs and patterns.

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