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VAS 101 Lesson #4

Exclusively for March 22, 2014 VA Seminar Registrants Only

Tambayans are the perfect place to get the latest scoop right?

I already told you about forums in the previous lesson.

But did you know that you can also find them inside Facebook? and LinkedIn? and Google?

They’re called “groups”. Or in Google’s case “communities”

1. Go to your favorite place on the internet. (Obvious ba na facebook?)

At the top, beside the letter “f” type “OFW”. Did you notice that below each result, it says “open group” or “closed group”

Join any of the groups. You should be able to see what people are posting inside, if it’s an open group. If it’s closed, an admin will approve it first.

Beware, not all Facebook groups are talking about serious stuff like we do inside the JH Mastery Group. Most of them are full of ads selling different products and inviting you to MLM. Common sense naman that you have to ignore those groups right?

Find a group that actually talks sense and you’ll discover what matters to them.

2. Go to Linkedin.com

Don’t have an account yet?
Create one, by clicking “Join Today” at the top of the screen.
You can save time by using your Facebook account to sign up for Linked In:
Click “Signup with Facebook”

Once you’re in, join a group.

There’s a search box at the top. Hover over the down arrow, and choose “Groups”.

Join a large group of Pinoys doing freelance, or working sa bahay. How? Type any of these keywords : “Philippines”, “Pinoy”, “Filipino”, “freelance”, “freelancer”, “working online”, “work from home”, “work at home” Gets?

Hindi ka lurker or stalker doon.

Your job is to really join the conversation, and start answering questions like a human being. Yung parang nakikipag-kwentuhan ka lang.


Do it NOW na.

3. Go to plus.google.com

At the top, there’s a search box. For example, type “single parents”. It will display “Communities” of single parents. Choose one.

The thing with Google communities is that there aren’t a lot of people hanging out here, so the conversations are mostly quiet.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario