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VAS 101 Lesson #5

Exclusively for March 22, 2014 VA Seminar Registrants Only

Remember the second assignment, wherein I told you to go to reddit.com?

Here’s something similar. It’s called forums.

In Tagalog, “tambayan”. That’s where people with similar interests actually talk online.

However, unlike reddit na securely guarded, the forums may be infiltrated by marketers. So you kinda have to watch out which is true, and which conversations are “soft-selling”.

Good thing though is that you can localize the topic (look for groups in the Philippines or in Cebu) and search for groups with one distinct interest (“bird watching” for example).

Where do you find these forums?

Two places : 1) your bestfriend Google and 2) Boardreader.com

1) Google : Type [topic] + “forums” like this :

Google : "birdwatching forums"

It should return a long list of forums. What do you do? Click and listen to the conversation.

2) Go to Boardreader.com

Type your topic and click search.

Boardreader is the google of forums. You’re assured that all the links there are all “tambayans”.

Initially, it displays the conversations using your keyword.

However, you can change it to display by topic or by forum at the upper left hand of the page.

Note: some forums require you to register. Don’t be scared. Just go and click it. Parang gumagawa ka lang ng Facebook profile yan.

Assignment : Choose one of these topics. Go and search for forums. Eavesdrop and read their conversations. What are they talking about? Hit reply.

  • Pet Health
  • Jewelry
  • Single Parents, adoption
  • Insurance
  • Baby Massage
  • Health Products
  • Food Industry
  • Textile

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario