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VAS 101 Lesson #6

Exclusively for March 22, 2014 VA Seminar Registrants Only

There’s no better way of gathering people’s greatest frustrations and problems about your product or service than by asking them.

Have you eaten in a restaurant, wherein after finishing your meal, they hand you a piece of paper to ask about your dining experience? “We value your opinion,” they say.

Well, you can do that online too.

And it’s easy as creating a google Form.
NOTE : This works best if you have a Google account.

Go to http://drive.google.com

On the left sidebar, click Create> choose Form.

Select a theme for your form.
For this sample survey, you want to ask only three things :

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. What's your greatest challenge (irritation) regarding [your product / service]

Type each of your question in the form template.

Example, type "Name" beside Question Title
Question Type : select Text
Make sure that the "Required question" is checked
Click "Add Item"

Type "Email Address" beside Question Title
Make sure that the "Required question" is checked
Click "Add Item"

Type "What is your greatest challenge regarding [your product / service]" beside Question Title
For Question Type, select "Paragraph text"
Make sure that the "Required question" is checked

Click "Done"

To see how it will look like when people answer your questionnaire, click "View live form" at the toolbar above.

You should see something like this :

To send this off to your friends or to your client list to fill up, click on the "Edit this form" button on the upper right hand of the screen.

Click the blue "Send form" button. Copy the link, and paste the link in the email to send off to your friends.

That's just the first part. *Hinga ng malalim*

The REAL work likes when you gather the responses and actually read what they wrote about their biggest challenges or irritations.

Go create your own online survey. Practice creating a gForm using the 3 questions muna.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario