Music Presentation

by:Trey C. Sharp


You may think “well it just an instrument,how hard can it be

to play?”well my friend,your thoughts are about to change when you read all about how hard it CAN be to play an instrument,from what you want to play,to what you’re truly good at,from a note to a song,to a hash tag to a sharp,so listen (or read as i should say)up because you’re about to read all about the world of music

Types of music

there are 4 types of music,percussion,brass,woodwind & going to split them up in to mini sections.


this is the first section percussion,you use your hands or drumsticks for this one,the instruments include of snare drum,bass drum,regular drums,hand drum (basically all drums)and more(there are lot of drum instruments so dont blame me


brass all group of instruments,to play it,you have to blow in a mouthpiece,these instruments include of baritone,trombone,tuba & french horn.


now with woodwind you need a reed,which is a little wooden chip,these instruments include of the saxaphone,clarinet,oboe,bassoon,recorder,flute & the piccolo


being the most known,strings you can play with your hands or a bow,these instruments include of violin,viola,cello,bass,guitar,harp & lots more

instrument tools

Now,we know that there are a lot of instrument,but did you ever think of the tools that help them make such wonderful sound,like music to your ears?now you’re going to hear what makes them sound so great.we’ll start of with the basic’s,drum sticks bow all that, okay so there’s drum sticks,the bow,well, that's really all the basic’s,all you have to really do with drum sticks is bang the sticks on the drum & with the bow you go back and forth across the we go onto the blowers,you got the mouthpiece and the reed attach them to your woodwind/brass instrument and you can make good sound


being one of the most important roles in music,sound is what our ears enjoy (the sound of music that is)it takes practice to make the perfect noise,so make sure to listen up on this section,so you can practice it ;).you have to know what notes to play so that when you do end up playing,you sound good,make sure that if you need to,take things slow and easy,then you ca speed it up later.always make sure that you know your beat so you don't get off and don't go faster or slower than your supposed to.

why music is important

          music is is important because with out it,we wouldn't jazz,love songs,rap,any type of good sound,from a simple rime to a hardcore piece of music,face it,we all need music,no matter what it is,because face it,we all have a favorite type of music,you know so.even if you absolutely despise music what so ever,some people devote there lives to it,so lets all grab a random instrument and start playing.


i hope this piece of art has inspired you to start playing an instrument,and as i once heard from a band directer,there is no such thing as a boys or girls instrument,so plat what you shall,no one can judge take this and start what ever you want to play if you want to,this paper is only to help you learn i'm not trying to make you do anything,but at least you can try,i hope you enjoyed my paper,good bye!!

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