What type of person would want to become an anthropologist? In the T.V show called Bones you can find out what type of person you would have to be to become an anthropologist. You can also find out how interesting it really is.

The best main character in any T.V show of all time would have to be Temperance Brennan. Temperance is an anthropologist who works for the FBI. Her FBI partner gave her the nickname Bones because she is so good with them. Bones has solved hundreds of murders. She once solved one with a piece of gum. Bones has three best selling books in the show. They are all best sellers. They are all about the murder victims that she solved and one that she did not solve.

Another amazing character in Bones is Cely Booth. In the show he is called Booth. He is an FBI agent. He goes out in the field and catches the murderers. Booth was a former sniper for the U.S army.He worked in the army for 7 years. Booth is also Bomes husband. She proposed to him with beef jerky because it is his favorite food.

In the show there are a lot of things that I like. There are are 9 seasons in the show. In the seasons all the actors and actresses are so good at playing their part. I could not imagine anyone else playing their parts. Another thing I like about the show is that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I guess right on the murderer a couple of times but its a slim occurrence. This show always keeps me jumping up and dow.

In conclusion bones is amazing and you need to watch it. Have fun!!!

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