Safety tips for online shoppers

India has always been in the center of economic boom. The effect is always seen and felt lingering around us. Among all other growth, there has been an exponential hike in consumer spending. In the same time zone, more and more people are scouting for easier ways to do shopping since they are always facing time crunch.

E-commerce and Indian online shopping sites websites such as Amazon, ShopClues, Flipkart, etc. have been a messiah for this generation. Keeping in mind the universal connectivity that is provided by internet, consumers end up saving a lot of time and energy. More and more merchants are taking advantage of this medium and gearing up to provide the best of their products, offers, and services.

As the usage of online shopping increases, it automatically gives birth to lot of risks. Where there is money, there always will be anti-social elements trying to scam you.

Just to protect you from being misguided, we have come up with tips which you can follow to be safe and secure.

1. Link of a website:

Always avoid going to an online shopping cash on delivery site which might appear through a link or pop-ups. Always use the address bar to type the website address. Always be extra careful of tempting offers, as they may be from hackers who have created a fake account.

2. Look for image of a lock on the address bar:

 To make sure that your website is secured, always look for a closed in the address bar      of the website. Click on the icon and make sure that the security certification is     displayed. You are exposed to identity theft when you are giving out information on a         spoofed site.

3. Check Privacy Policy:

You need to make sure that the website you are providing your personal details is not shared with others with an intention to scam you. Always check the Privacy Policy of the website to ensure that the seller would not misuse your personal information.