Tunarama vs. Cheese Rolling Festival

By: Anne and Maddie


January 25th-26th. Two Day Festival located in Port Lincoln, Australia, meant to promote Australia’s tuna industry.


The festival is about who can throw a tuna the farthest (Beach attire "is essential")

Day One;

Floats, Competitions for small Prizes, Crowning of the years Tunarama ambassador at a Gala (wear "a splash of red") Gala celebrates the end of the competitors quest, then, people head down to the beach for "a fantastic fireworks display" that is "Fun for all ages". Then they have Steakarama (night of steak, beer, and bands) which concludes the activities of day 1!

Day two:

On the morning of the second day everyone gets free breakfast, Later, Tuna Toss Final (signature event), Woolworth's Long table... Lunch that showcases the seafood species that are locally caught, Australia Day Celebrations come next, this is where the free breakfast is held.

Fun Fact:

Japan won the 2014 tuna toss title!!!

Cheese Rolling Festival:

Located on Cooper's Hill, Gloucester UK on the Spring Bank holiday. This Festival/Race takes place just for fun.


Usually about 5,000 people attend the rolling of the cheese. Some people even travel all the way from the US to participate.

It is traditionally held for the people of the local village of Brockworth, but today people come from all around the world to participate. It has become "a world famous event". This festival dates back to almost 200 yrs.

A group of racers risk their lives to chase an 8 pound round of Double Gloucester Cheese down the steep and dangerous hill. There are paramedic that wait at the bottom for the injured participants. Police do not support the race because of the injuries that amount from it.

Fun Fact:

The winner of the race takes home the cheese.

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