iPad Rollout 2014

September 8th-12th

Pre-iPad Rollout Checklist for Teachers

1. Call any parents that have not updated student information or who have declined the iPad.

2. Watch the following video with your class and discuss iPad routines and rules they will follow in your class.

3. Go over the rules on the iPad poster and agreement and have students sign the iPad agreement.

4. Make an index card with the student's iTunes account and password (optional).

September 15th

Teachers will distribute iPads to students & have them change their lock screen to a PicCollage with their Name, Teacher Name and Grade Level. Dawn will be available to assist.  See schedule below:

  • 1st grade - 9:30
  • 2nd grade - 11:00
  • 3rd grade - 10:15
  • 4th grade- 8:15

What to do in your class with your kids:

  1. Practice unplugging and walking with iPads from cubbies
  2. Check wifi is on MISD SECURE (If not, forgot other network)
  3. Watch iPad video again
  4. Delete any unnecessary apps
  5. Delete emails and empty trash (2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade probably)
  6. Create and set lockscreen using PicCollage

Directions for Lock Screen Pic Collage

Use the PicCollage app to create an image for the iPad lock screen that includes the following information.

  • Student Name
  • Teacher Name
  • Grade Level

September 16th

New Student Orientation - I will do a short orientation with students new-to-the-district at the following times:

  • 1st grade - 9:30
  • 2nd grade - 11:00
  • 3rd grade - 10:15
  • 4th grade- 8:15

September 19

Kindergarten Rollout - District Inst. Tech department will be on campus to distribute iPads and go through orientation

8:15 - Hollingsworth, Johnston, Keen, Young